Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Future is in the Palm of Your Hand

With the advent of online banking through your cell phone, Blackberries,
Treo's and other cell phone hybrids will be able to manage your finances
anywhere from your hand held device.
This will represent a major new way business will be done.
Media aquisition by the consumer will also be affected.
MP3's, podcasting, streaming video, stills and now money will all flow through your hand.

Make sure you're packing the most feature loaded unit you can find.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Gray Ceiling

In the job marketplace of hi-tech, baby boomers are going
to feel the effects of aging. Younger demographics in the workplace means
less opportunity for us cyberatrics.As we move into our senior years, many of us will find the breaks being put on a career that's just beginning to take off.
We need to learn how to morph and shape-shift into more marketable programs in the
cyber workforce.With increased good health and longevity, boomers can continue to be productive, experimental, creative contributors to our economy well into their seventies and beyond.