Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Digital Distribution…tiny packets of cash.

Everything from your music to your videos and photos is digitized today. The iPod for music, satellite radio, streaming web cams: all your media is instantly accessible to anyone. From any where. You can hire a company to digitize your entire CD library to your iPod. Can you say electronic cottage industry?

Digital packets, sliced, copied, pasted, packaged and sold. It’s all new commerce out there now. Television, the Internet, DVD’s, CD’s, blogs, email and web portals. They all move digital content through the marketplace.

Internet advertising, with streaming video is replacing TV ads . This has happened because of two things: broadband Internet and TiVo/DVR’s (digital video recorder).
This allows the viewer to pick and chose their entertainment, and skip annoying content.
Breaking the media pie into smaller digital particles (01) allows the artist to control every micro penny.

Start minding your bits and bytes.