Saturday, April 30, 2005

Blog me now or blog me later

Your business, your entertainment and your personal life are all gonna end up on a blog sooner or later. Get onboard now.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Podcasting and the iPod Revolution

The iPod is coming to eat your CD's. Hours of music, all in a cigarette lighter sized case, with personal ear buds. Adam Curry, former MTV host and avid blogger, created software that allows MP3 audio to be played through an iPod. All the musician's I know and a lot of the music lovers like the convenience of MP3's,and the sound of the iPod.
Broadcast audio feeds in Mp3, with various kinds of programming, are showing up on the Net.

a global community

This phrase popped up in a BusinessWeek magazine cover story/headline article on blogs on May 2, 2003. I've only been blogging a short while, but I've been flogging the Internet since 1991 and I still write HTML code by hand. Old School! The chance to create a global community and to make a living posting and consulting on various blogs seems pretty attractive to these old eyes.
More to come...